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By Appointment Only

Admission to the Leaders, Heroes,  and Legends Archives and Museum is by appointment only.   It is a direct contribution to a 501c3 non-profit foundation focused on education and historic preservation.


We suggest you book at least two weeks in advance to find out times and availability.


The following disclosure prior to coming: 

  1. Absolutely no cell phones or recording devices of any kind whatsoever in the archives and museum.  The room is experiential.  You have to be in the room to see it.  You will be asked to leave your cell phone on the first floor of the building before seeing it.

  2. The self-guided tour is a who’s who highlight reel of some of the best artifacts found in military museums but there are less than 100 items on display. The facility is small, less than 3000 square feet and because it is set up as an archives there are more than 100 artifacts that will be unavailable on the tour.  It will not be your typical museum experience where you are wandering through a 90,000 square foot facility looking at 100 items on multiple floors.  They are functionally all in one place and one room.

  3. There are limited availability hours for many of the tours.


There are 3 levels of tours- A self-guided tour, a museum and archives tour, and an archival vault tour.

Admission is Free for a self guided tour for combat veterans.  For most others a contribution to support challenged combat veterans and historic preservation is required.  Scholarships are available reduced admission.   For more information please email for admission information and pricing.

We help preserve the history of Americas greatest natural resource , its leaders

Our Mission

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