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The National Leadership Foundation Donors and Supported  Organizations

Donors and Acquisition Assistance

Acquisition and Consulting Assistance

A special note about Mark Hinton, Chairman of the Board of the George S. Patton Foundation and world class military historian.  The collection on loan to the National Leadership Foundation has been aided by in innumerable ways by Mark Hinton.  Mark is a world class historian, world class collector, but most important a world class person.  His help in not only the acquisition of the items,  but his knowledge and expert guidance in helping with authentication process cannot be overstated. We are lucky to count Mark as a friend first and trusted advisor second.

A Specials Thank You To

Mark Hinton

Kurt Stauffer

Dave Schwind

Robert Wilson

Will Twomey

Josh Seagal

Duward Massey

Tim Frank

Shawn Orskog

Kevin Seldon

Our Donors and Friends of the Foundaiton

Marine Corps Commandant Mike Hagee

Medal of Honor Recipient Mike Thornton

Command Sargant Major John McDwyer

Michael and Rachel Goldman

Debbe Solomon

Shelby McLean

Christine Jones

Mike Morgan

Thank you to everyone who made this possible

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